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Peter Mitchell's Biography

Peter Mitchell was born in London. He turned professional at an early age in 1974, working in a club job before embarking on a tournament career several years later. He made his first appearance on the European Tour in 1979 and his last in 2003. In the early years he had difficulties holding on to his tour card, but in the thirteen year stretch from 1988 to 2000 he finished in the top eighty of the European Tour Order of Merit every season, with a highest ranking of 12th in 1996. That same year he made his only appearance in the World Cup of Golf. He won three European Tour events: The 1992 Mitsubishi Austrian Open, The 1997 Madeira Island Open and The 1998 Portuguese Open.
Upon turning 50 in 2008, Peter Mitchell joined the European Seniors Tour. He won three times during his rookie season and finished in 3rd place on the Order of Merit.
Peter explains how it all happened -
Since retiring in 2000 I have gone back to my "roots" providing a chosen few with my wealth of experience and knowledge of the whole golf game. The teaching program that developed became so popular that the obvious course of action was to pass on this invaluable training to as many people as possible and so the Peter Mitchell Golf Academy was born.
The Program focuses around several key aspects of the game from swing analysis to golf management of the course, through to the short game and even into the dark place most golfers struggle with - The Mental Game!
Significant wins-
The Carlos Minuz invitation 1991 + 1992
The Austrian Open 1992
The El Corte Ingles Open 1992
The Madeira Open 1997
The Portuguese Open 1998
Ryder Cup Wales Seniors Open 2008
Scottish Seniors Open 2008
Lake Garda Italian Seniors Open 2008
Casa Serena Open 2009
My Interest in golf started at the age of 15 and by the age of 16 I started my assistant professional apprenticeship under the watch full eye of Mr Ken Adwick - the golf professional at the Woodlands Manor Golf Club in the heart of Kent. My Uncle Ron Mitchell was probably the most influential person through my whole life as I was growing up I had other sports I was interested in. Football took the most and thankfully, I chose the correct route for me. My Uncle Ron introduced me to Mr Ken Adwick who I am so thankfully indebted to as well as Mr Tony Phillips, who seemed to take on the humorous yet Professional side of my PGA apprenticeship of learning golf. Thank you So much Mr Ken Adwick and Mr Tony Philips and especially, thank you so much Uncle Ron for allowing me to find golf at the right time in my life! I will love you always. Thank you for allowing me to learn so much from you all and for what I have achieved. I now know and have used all those special times of information that you gave so freely to help me understand and accomplish my goals and to be able to pass on that fantastic knowledge and wisdom. Ken Adwick was an accomplished and distinguished golf teacher and had taught many great golfing names such as Neil Coles. Mr Adwick proved to be an excellent mentor to me and after 6 months in the professional ranks I won the Kent's Assistants Golf Championship at Faversham Golf Club.
I then went on to notch up many more wins in the Southern Region, winning the Southern Professional's Championship twice. It was during these 4 years that I completed the P.G.A. exams. I then had a wonderful experience with 2 fantastic people who are to be pivotal in my life. The first person Mr John Knight and secondly Mr Len Goodman. 18 years of age and experiencing 2 people who were mega in the world, in my life. John Knight was so important to me, he helped me so much, so many times at the right times! My life changed because of Johns help. Len Goodman who is now a Judge for Strictly Come Dancing, was and still is a welcoming and good friend of John Knights as well as mine. They used to use me as their teaching professional assistant at Dartford Golf Club in Kent. I still feel that these 2 people love and enjoy our companionship despite the directions we have taken with our professional positions. I still think of the games of crib and the banter we all shared and enjoyed, hopefully we will somewhere share that again. I miss it as I'm sure they do to. Thank you guys you mean a lot to me and so do the things you've done for me and its wonderful watching what you’re both doing now!
My natural progression was to a full time professional's position which lasted for a busy 3 years, the only time during my career that I would fill this role. With this solid golfing background behind me, I moved into a playing career - starting with the European Tour.
It was during the European Tour that I began to use the knowledge obtained through my different experiences to develop my own personal teaching methods. At first this was used solely for self-improvement but slowly more and more of my contemporaries came to me for my help or advice. Word then spread amongst the golfing community and soon the list of golfing legends that have benefited from my teaching grew:
These are just some of the people who have experienced my help and helped them advance in their golfing careers:
Darren Clarke
David Howell
Brian Davies
Ronan Rafferty
Anthony Wall
Benn Barham
Trish Johnson
Sam Head
Danielle Masters
Jamie Spence
Sam Little
Gordon Brand Jnr
Roger Chapman
Neal Briggs
John Bickerton
Isabelle Boineau
Rosie Davies
Van Phillips
And many more.....
So that is my biography.
Anyone willing to ask any questions about golf, I will be glad to answer them to the best of my abilities.

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