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Peter Mitchell is without doubt one of the best golf coaches in the UK. He helped me from becoming a young pro with aspirations of playing on the European Tour, to it actually happening and me fulfilling my dream.
Without him I believe I would have not achieved some of the things i did in my 20 year playing career and i am grateful for his help, support and friendship.
Any young aspiring golf Pro or anyone at any level of the game will benefit from Peter's Knowledge.

Sam Little

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Dear Peter,
It’s been a short time since we last saw each other, I wanted to take this opportunity just to say Thank You.
You have literally saved the dream of a young man who has done nothing but excel since you corrected almost everything in his swing.
Dylan as you know was an elite golf member of the French Federation Pole d’ Espoir.
Despite his achievements in golf he ended up physically destroyed at the age of 15 and missed eight months of golf due to the rigorous training regime and his swing.
The physiotherapist said he had never seen such damage to the associated spine and muscle groups in a child of his age.
In a single Two-hour session with you, his swing was corrected, weight transfer explained to him so he understood the reasoning behind the moves.
With only two additional follow up sessions Dylan has made a dramatic change and a remarkable physical recovery.
Dylan’s greatest achievement last July 2019 as the youngest player in a field of 140 players, was to finish equal second on -6 after two rounds on the same day in a qualifier for the US Amateur Championship.
He unfortunately lost on the third hole of the playoff for a position in the US Amateur Championship.
But every cloud has a silver lining and Dylan has been offered a scholarship with the James Madison University who are a top 50 golf team.
This was all your work Peter, your swing, your teaching based on all your experience and your understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing without the use of modern technologies.
Mechanics, Physics and Golf knowledge
As a parent the best I can do is say Thank You.
I hope as a reward you get to make that walk down the 18th fairway with him one day in his goal to be a champion, because you helped him get their Peter Mitchell
Thank You again,
Your Faithfully
Terry Allen,

Dylan Allen

Rolf Muntz.jpg

To find a good coach as a playing professional is not an easy task. 

But when you do you consider yourself lucky.

For me a good coach is able to spot the flaw, point it out and then make you focus on what you should be doing.

If you then get so lucky to meet up with that one in a million type of a teacher that not only is able to do that but has also been a Tour player with plenty of wins and has seen every swing under the sun perform so that he is able to transfer all of that specifically and tailored just for you, for your build and your ability then...well then you call yourself very lucky.

And I call myself that very lucky man.

I am mostly self taught and have had the fortune to be around and play with the world's best players of my day picking a bit here and there from these best.

However Pete Mitchell is on a different level and he has been at the foundation of one of my best years on tour.

He's a true gem and is so able to get you focussed on what is good for you.

Thank you Pete, I have been a very lucky man.

My very best.

Rolf Muntz

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