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All coaching sessions will be 90 minutes duration

The cost of one session will be £120:00

I am able to offer packages for a variety of needs. All of my coaching sessions are flexible and fully customizable depending on the circumstances and experiences of each specific client. Please see below for just some of the packages that are available to you. Give me a call so we can come up with your personalized coaching package together.

£440:00 for 4 sessions

Short term plan

Personal Coaching with the aim to improve over a period of time is the most logical way forward, this needs to be structured in such a way that you are able to achieve your goals within that time scale. This package will enable you to achieve your goals over a short period of time. A two month time scale would allow for the process of change to take place.

£800:00 for 8 sessions

Medium term plan

A structured plan that will cover all aspects of your game. The aim well be for long term improvement which will give you the ability to achieve you goals.

£1140:00 for 12 sessions

Long term Professional plan

A Professional plan designed so you have the tools to achieve your goals which will enable you to reach the highest level that you set yourself. This will cover what is required to play at a professional level.

Pricing information: Packages & Rates
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